How to fly an Exo drone? ( The simplified way)

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How to fly an Exo drone? ( The simplified way)

We’re often asked – “How To fly an Exo done”. The truth is flying any Exo drone is so much easier than you think even if you’re a beginner.

Each drone pilot goes through different struggles when taking the first flight with a drone. Thus, flying has a learning curve. It’s vital to fly a drone properly so you can get the best outputs while making sure the drone is safe too.

Also, we need to learn some basic, quick setups and advanced drone flying techniques so that we can fly every Exo drone such as,

In this article, we will show you how to set up and fly an Exo drone with clear instructions so that after reading this article you will be an Exo pilot, Without further due. Let’s get started.

How to fly an Exo Drone?

Since not, every drone pilot is an expert in flying an Exo drone and each one has a different level of expertise and experience, each drone pilot has to know the following steps to make the successful first Exo drone flight;

  • Pre-flight checklists, Unboxing and charging the batteries
  • Assembly of the Drone, Get started and connect with App and Controller
  • How to control an Exo drone with a controller
  • How to control an Exo drone with a smartphone and
  • Drone flying tips and mistakes to avoid

Pre-flight checklists, Unboxing and charging the batteries

The first thing for a successful drone flight is to determine the requirements which are called pre-flight checklist, Pre-flight checklist are;

  1. Drone
  2. UAS operator registration
  3. Permissions
  4. Controller
  5. Propellers, Batteries, and Chargers
  6. Download an Exo Fly App from the play store (android & tablets) or Appstore (iPhone)
  7. Choosing a secured open flying area (if you are a beginner, consider a flat area with no obstacles and crowds such as an empty football pitch)

Then after you can unbox a drone and charge the Exo drone and controller batteries for around three hours, and follow the next step.

Assembly of the Drone, Get started and connect with App and Controller

The next step after charging the batteries is to do an Exo drone setup by connecting propellers, batteries, and controllers.

Turn on the drone and controllers and check if the lights are on and the drone is ready to fly. You can watch this Quick start-up video.

then, turn on the transmitter on the drone controller and check the signal strength, follow Exo drone instructions from the manual provided to turn the controller’s transmitter on. Exo drone controllers have 2 joysticks, The left joystick (throttle and Yaw) is for controlling drones’ elevation (up and down) and the right joystick (Roll and Pitch) is for controlling drones’ direction (left and right, forward and backward).

How to start an Exo drone?

Once your Exo Drone is on, place it on a flat surface in front of you facing the same direction so that the controllers match the drone’s movements, you can check this on the Exo manual guide provided or via Exo drone Training videos.

Controlling an Exo drone with a Controller

Gently start lifting a drone by pushing the left joystick forward to make the drone go and practice the motion to keep the drone steady in motion,

Now the drone is in the air its time to control it in different directions and motions, push the right joystick (roll and Pitch) to make the drone move in another direction while maintaining the balance of the drone,

  • Practice taking off, hovering, landing, and stabilization of the drone for some time so that you can get used to controllers. Ensure to keep correction slow and gently and balance the drone against the wind.
  • Draw square, circle, and 8-figure shapes with drone movements using a right joystick to improve your flying techniques on an Exo drone.

How to control an Exo drone with a smartphone?

The first procedure to fly an Exo drone with a smartphone is to connect a smartphone to a drone’s WIFI network via settings, then open a FLY EXO app and follow the setup calibration to configure a drone.

This configuration is useful for mobile smartphones, tablets, and applet devices. The configurations on FLY EXO Apps are intuitive on-screen controls in the form of joysticks as they replicate the actual joysticks, With Left joysticks (up and down movements) and Right Joysticks (right, left, forward, and backward movements).

Unlike the physical controller, the configurations on smartphones can be customized according to your need. Therefore, you fly an

Exo drone using the left joystick on a smartphone is used for lifting a drone up and down and the right joystick is for directions.

Drone flying tips and mistakes to avoid when Pioting a drone

Now that we have seen how to fly an Exo drone using both a controller and smartphone, Let’s look at some tips and things to avoid when piloting an Exo Drone;

  • Read Exo Instruction Manual

Read the Exo instruction manual before flying an Exo drone give you clarity on some things like flight features, and controls and makes you familiarize yourself with a drone even before your first flight.

  • Keep a drone in your Visual sight.

When you are getting started in drone piloting you want to make sure you keep the drone in your visual sight and as stable as you can. This will avoid inconveniences and will protect your drone from crashing.

  • Don’t Fly a drone near airports, Emergence response sites, or Drone prohibited areas

Don’t fly an Exo drone near airports (for around a 5-mile range) as they can cause great damage and put people at risk.

Drones should never be piloted near emergency response sites and drone-restricted areas as these areas as footage are not allowed in these kinds of areas for privacy issues.

  • Don’t fly over a group of people

Avoid piloting your drone over a group of people or a crowd as it threatens the privacy of people.

  • Register Your Drone

UAS drone registration is a must for any drone as it gives you a permit to fly a drone. So, you want to consider registering your drone before start flying it.

  • Take Exo Flying Course

An Exo training course will elevate your drone piloting skills much faster as they have professionals to help you obtain great drone experiences within no time plus all the drones’ basics, regulations, and features are covered in their training course

  • Join Drone communities

Joining a drone community is a great move for any drone pilot as people in there are sharing their experiences and regularly share new ideas revolving around drone space.

WRAP UP – How to fly an EXo Drone

There you have it on How to fly an Exo drone with both controller and smartphone.

The key thing after your fight Exo drone is to keep practicing so that you get used to controllers for a better drone piloting experience. For professional and commercial pilots, it’s essential to do more practices and some advanced practices available via the Exo drone flying course as this is vital to elevate your flying and piloting skills for content creation.

How to fly Exo drones – FAQs

How far can an exo drone fly?

Exo drone can fly up to 5 miles (10 km) range

Is it hard to learn to fly a drone?

It depends on the drone, for simple drone it takes only a day to learn for advanced drones you need to take flying courses

How TO fly the drone without a remote?

You can fly a drone without a remote controller by using an app which in this case act as a controller

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