How to fix Exo drone issues? (Fix These Common Issues)

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How to fix Exo drone issues? (Fix These Common Issues)

Does your Exo drone have issues and you don’t know how to fix them?

Sometimes Exo drones have some minor issues that can delay and affect your content creation or hobbyist adventure usage, and these happen to drone pilots including us.

Troubleshooting and fixing these common issues will ensure you pilot your drones and obtain the best flying experience possible while getting the best content output too.

This guide will provide troubleshooting techniques on how to fix Exo drone Issues from simple drone repair to Exo drone firmware updates and by the end, you should be able to fix the following issues;

  • Exo drone not taking off
  • Exo drone not unlocking
  • Exo drone won’t connect to wifi

These solutions are available to all Exo drones from the Exo Mini-Pro, Blackhawk, Blackhawk pro, Cinemaster, Cinemaster 2, X7 ranger plus, and Exo Scout drone.

Let’s get started;

How to fix Exo drone issues

How to fix Exo drone issues?

To fix any drone issue, the first important step is to determine what the is issue. – An Issue can be – the drone not taking off, the drone being locked, the drone network not connecting, or any other issue

So, now we know what is the issues. How do fix them?

Let’s see how we can fix some common issues occurring on Exo Drones and how to fix them;

Exo drone not taking off

This is a common issue that happens to many drone pilots when they are preparing to take off their drone, and it just does not happen to Exo drones it also happens to other drones too like DJI, DJI 2, MACKVECK, and many others.

Therefore, I have done the research and asked other drone professionals using Exo, and I have compiled the best fixes for this Exo drone not taking off issue.

Why Exo drone not taking off?

This is one of the common issues that happen to Exo drones and it is caused by one of the following;

  • Software issues

The software issue can lead to an unstable connection between a drone and a controller, therefore the drone won’t fly. This software issue causes the Exo drone not to fly This happens when you turn on the drone but the propellers are not spinning this causes technical bugs and the loss of connection between the Exo drone and its propellers.

  • A drone needs a longer warm-up

This happens when the Exo drone is on, the connection between controllers is good but the Exo drone won’t take off simply because it requires a little patience from a drone pilot. Here you need to wait for a few minutes for the drone to be ready to fly.

  • Hardware damage and battery issues

When an Exo drone detects any hardware damage it won’t fly, any damage to components like motors, propellers, or circuit board will prevent a drone from flying. this is due to safety issues.

Also, battery issues and power supply problems will prevent a drone from taking off. This happens when a drone’s battery is not properly charged or the battery is damaged.

  • Internal damage issue

Internal damage happens when the drone has crushed and internal components and boards are damaged, thus the drone won’t start or take off as the entire drone system is down.

  • Compass calibration issues

Sometimes, Your Exo drone won’t take off when you try to fly it uncalibrated. This happens especially when the drone is unfamiliar with a location so it won’t fly to avoid the risk of an accident.

  • Prohibited Drone Areas (No flying Zone Areas)

This is the last list and it happens when your try to fly a drone in drone-restricted areas. Once a drone automatically detects these restricted drone flying areas it won’t take off until you get it to an appropriate flying area.

Drone approaching Geo fenced area warning

How to fix the Exo drone not taking off Problem?

There are several ways to fix this Exo drone won’t fly issue, due to the causes of this issue mentioned above here are some proven working fixes for the problem;

  1. Check if the drone and controller are properly connected, you can see this by seeing a LED blinking in blue color on both the controller and drone.
  2. Make sure the drone and the controller are in a good range for good signal strength as well as your Exo drone and controller batteries are charged enough.
  3. Calibrate a drone properly so that it can read the location of the area. This can be simply done via FLY EXO App. Rotate the Drone horizontally, Calibrate the IMU by placing the drone on different sides, and lastly perform controller calibration.
  4. Register your drone at FAA as an unregistered drone will be difficult to fly.
  5. Seek a drone professional near your area for assistance
  6. Read an Exo Manual guide to find some of these common issues and their fixes
  7. If your drone has internal damage issues or one of its physical components is damaged. Try Reaching out to the Exo customer services and support team via the Exo phone number or email and explaining the issue or error the drone is displaying to you.
  8. Reset your drone, connect your drone to the computer via USB and use the Exo assistant program to perform a factory setting. This will revert a drone to its default settings and fix all software issues, then from here you can restart the drone and
  9. Since drone manufacturers integrate flying restriction mechanisms into drone software to meet FAA rules, before flying your drone you can check whether the area is geofenced or not by using AirMap (No FLY ZONE) as this will show you if the area is legit for drone piloting.

Exo Drone Won’t Fly

The next issue on our list is the Exo drone won’t fly issue which occurs when everything is ready the drone is on, and the controller signal is great but the drone will not fly.

Why Exo Drone Won’t Fly?

This issue can be caused by some of the Exo drone not taking off issues mentioned above as the drone needs a longer warm-up before taking off, compass calibration issues, and geofenced areas.

There are also other causes of this issue which are;

  • Propellers are not mounted well

If an Exo drone since the propellers is not mounted well it won’t fly. Since the propellers need to be mounted well and in good patterns so that the drone can lift in the air.

  • The Quad doesn’t turn on

This happens when your power up the drone but the quad does not show any sign of activity. This means the drone won’t be able to fly since the quad does not turn on and it does not sense any power from its power system and battery. This can be caused by a dead battery (especially for old drones) or Internal damage issues.

So, how do we fix Exo Drone Won’t Fly issues?

How to fix Exo Drone Won’t Fly?

For issues like the drone needing a longer warm-up before taking off, compass calibration issues, and geofenced areas their fixes are explained above on How to fix the Exo drone not taking off. Now let us fix the later drone propellers that are not mounted well and the drone quad does not turn on issues which causes an Exo drone to not fly;

For the Exo drone propellers mountain issue, you simply need to unmount the propellers and mount them in a pattern as guided in the Exo manual guide.

The propellers need to be mounted in a good way such they can be able to lift a drone. I have attached a video below on how to mount the propeller in a good way to create the necessary airflow to lift a drone.

The Drone Quad doesn’t turn on which can be due to simple battery/power issues or internal damage issues. If it is a power or battery issue the first step is to check the battery status on the controller LED screen (or on FLY EXO App), then try to take the battery out and put them on the charger and see if they charging.

If it’s a battery issue you can replace the battery with the battery repair, please ensure the repaired battery is aligned with drone specifications.

Now, if it’s not a battery/power issue then it’s internal damage or a technical bug problem at this stage reach out to the Exo customer services and support team via Exo phone number or email and explain the problem and they will explain how to get a repair drone equipment.

Exo drone won’t connect to Wi-Fi

The next Exo drone issue on our list is Exo drone won’t connect to the Wi-Fi issue which is common among drone pilots. This issue especially happens when you are trying to connect an Exo drone with a smartphone via FLY EXO App and when you look into the WIFI setting from the phone the drone’s WIFI is no way near to being found.

So, why does this issue happen?

Why Is My Drone Not Connecting?

You may experience Exo drone won’t connect to Wi-Fi issue due to;

  1. Not updating Exo drone firmware and software
  2. Using an older version of the FLY EXO app.
  3. Incompatibility issues between your smartphone and A drone app.
  4. Bad camera, since the WIFI signal comes from the camera.

Now, let us fix the problem;

How to fix an Exo drone that won’t connect to Wi-Fi?

Since Exo drone connection-related issues are easy to troubleshoot thus, they are easy to fix.

Let’s start with some simple fixing techniques;

  1. Update a FLY EXO App. Updating the Exo drone app is a good practice to keep up with the latest updates and avoid incompatibility issues.
  2. Update Drone Firmware. If the connection problem is caused by the drone’s firmware problems, updating the drone firmware can solve this WIFI connectivity issue.
  3. Try to connect your drone to another smartphone. If you connected earlier with an android device, this time try to connect with an iPhone or tablet device. This way it is easier to determine if the problem is the drone software or a smartphone
  4. Uninstall and Reinstall a FLY EXO app. This will revert an App to its default settings and permissions in case they were affected before.
  5. Reset an Exo drone WIFI. This can be done by inspecting the Exo user manual and finding out how to reset a drone’s WIFI or through FLY EXO App via the “help” section and following the steps to reset the drone’s WIFI.
  6. If the problem is caused by a bad camera, the only way to solve the issue is to replace the drone camera or simply reach out to Exo customer service and support.

Exo drone will not unlock

The last issue on our list is Exo drone will not unlock issues. This happens to most drone owners across drone communities and forums due to manufacturing flight restrictions embedded into drones’ brains.

Why Exo drone will not unlock?

The issue happens mostly for commercial drone pilots who want to operate their drones in a geofenced area. Therefore, in order to operate in such areas, you need to unlock your drone.

So, how do we unlock our Exo drone?

How to Unlock the Exo Drone?

There are three solutions you can use to fix this issue. Here is the thing – many drones manufacturers including Exo, HUSBAN, or DJI in earlier versions of their firmware didn’t have geofenced restrictions thus, you could fly a drone in any area you want but later Geofenced restrictions were enabled in most drones to comply with FAA rules

Here are the solutions to unlock the Exo drone;

  1. Request authorization to fly in FAA. This applies mostly if you are doing a professional or commercial job such as surveys there for you need to request LAANC authorization to fly your Exo drone in restricted areas through AirMap or FLY EXO App.
  2. You can purchase and use third-party software like No Limit Cost Dronez (NLD) and unlock your drone from No-fly zone restrictions. They can also remove altitude limits, Increase Fly range (FCC Mode), Upgrade or downgrade drones’ firmware, or Drone speed boost.
  3. Downgrade drones’ firmware. If you can downgrade your Exo drone firmware to an earlier version with no FAA restrictions it’s more likely to operate without restrictions.


There you have it – Ways of fixing common Exo drone issues that can occur when you are prepared to fly your drone or when operating whether you create content or commercial activities.

I’m sure if you apply the explained solutions above, any of your Exo drone issues will be fixed and you will have a great drone experience.

One thing you want to make sure of is you comply with FAA rules and restrictions and also avoid flying drones in unauthorized areas such as airports to avoid any potential harm that can occur.

How to fix Exo Drones – FAQs

How to access drone manuals?

The easiest way to access the drone user manual is by visiting the drone manufacturer’s website and downloading a user manual available in pdf format.

How do I contact Exo Drone support?

You can contact EXO drone Support via email at, or through LiveChat on their website ( Available on Tuesday-Saturday from 10 am-10 pm & Sunday from noon-10 pm ET).

What is the return policy for Exo drones?

The return policy for Exo drones is that you have 15 days from the date you received your drone to submit a return request. To be eligible for a return, your drone must be in the same condition that you received it, unworn/unused, with tags, and in its original packaging

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