Are Exo drones good? | A True DJI Drones Competitor

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Are Exo drones good? | A True DJI Drones Competitor

Are Exo Drones Truly DJI drones competitors? – Well Let’s find out

We have asked 50+ drone pilots with experience using different drones like Exo, DJI, and other drones to do their commercial, hobbyist, or content creation jobs. During our chat with these professionals, we first asked about their Exodrone reviews compared to another industry-leading drone like DJI MACVECK 3.

So, how do Exo drones operate? Do they add any value to content creation? Are they worth it?

In this article, we are answering the question – Are Exo drone good? According to 50+ drone pilots’ experience, we have asked so that by the end of the article, you will be able to know if they are perfect for your drone needs.

Let’s get started.

Are Exo drones good?

Photograph or videography enthusiasts we have reached out to said their investment in Exo drones is worth it.

Because Exo drones are effective in consumer activities, video, and content creation tasks which have helped them to scale their activities even further.

Hobbyist drone pilots who have also invested in Exo drones say that the drones are a good investment as they are essay for capturing stunning places with a unique set of photos and videos, especially during Travel, camping, or deep-sea fishing ventures.

Drone Aerial Footage

Is Exo a good drone brand?

From the conversation, we had with these pilots. Here is our take on Exo drones and why they consider Exo has a good drone brand:

  • Exo drones are easy to deployable and operate
  • High- Quality Aerial Imaging
  • High-Precision
  • Well Secured
Exo drones are easy to deployable and operate;

With advances in control technology in Exo drones, they can be deployed and operated with relatively minimal to no experience (Easy to calibrate and control). Combined with the relatively low cost of Exo drone models, they are well accessible and provide a good flying range.

This allows them to fly lower in more directions and reach difficult areas. Because of these, Exo drones media professionals to film videos and take a photo in difficult geographical locations.

High- Quality Aerial Imaging

Drone photographers say Exo drones like the Exo X7 ranger and the Exo Blackhawk are excellent for taking high-quality aerial photographs and videos. The collected high-resolution images are used to create detailed 3D maps and interactive 3D models used during graphics analysis.


Drone professionals using the Exo drone say that the GPS (the Global Positioning System) equipped on the drones can be programmed and maneuvered accurately to precise locations. This is useful in surveying operations, camping, travels, or adventures.

Maximum Security

Also, professionals say another thing about Exo drones is that their drones are well secured and can not be intercepted by any security breach or hack on their flights.

are Exo drones good

How good are Exo drones?

Now let us discuss how good Exo drones are.

First, Exo drones have stable gimbal stabilization, which is crucial for capturing high-definition 4k pictures and videos, and are easy to use. The drones fly themselves since they take off with ease and land on their own in the same spot they departed from.

  • The fly Exo app is easy to download and use. You can easily attach a smartphone to the controller and see the 720p Livefeed the drone provide from up in the air.
  • The setting is easy to use on the remote app, including features like a point of interest and gesture shooting.
  • The Exo drones come with two batteries so that you have enough time-of-flight time, and batteries can be recharged very quickly.
  • The drones are GPS-assisted, so if the battery runs low, they automatically return to their home base and return to their home base if they lose signal/connection with a cell phone app.
  • Other GPS-enabled functions include Waypoint flight, where you can map out on GPS where you want the drone to go. Most drone professional favorites feature is the Follow Me option, where a drone follows you wherever you go with the touch of a button.
  • Exo drones are super lightweight, weighing just over a pound, completely foldable, and you can store them in the heavy-duty padded travel bag that comes with the drone.

Therefore, drone professionals have recommended Exo drones as high-quality drones great for both beginners and professionals.

Why choose Exo drones?

The following are the reasons why drone professionals choose Exo Drones;

Worth the money

Exo drones are worth of money because they perform beyond expectation. You can fly any Exo drone regardless you are not an expert,

Also, they are stable in the air, capture HD pictures and video, and always return home where necessary.

It won’t take long to be comfortable enough and turn off the beginner mode. Therefore, they are Worth of money and provide wonderful flying experiences.

Super easy to control and quality camera

Exo drones are extremely easy to fly with super easy flight controls on both Exo controllers and smartphones. They are very responsive, and the risk of crashing is almost zero.

All the extra features on Exo drones work well and are easy to use.

Exo drones go amazingly high and capture some beautiful aerial photos and views.

The customer service is outstanding, top-notch, and responsive.

Exo customer service and support will respond overnight when you need their assistance via email, phone calls, or live chat.

Exo customer service can’t be complimented enough as they are doing a great job.

Impressive Durability

Exo Drones last long enough while maintaining top quality throughout the years.

are Exo drones good

Exo Drone versus DJI

Exo and DJI drones are industry-leading and most popular among drone enthusiasts, and usage is excellent in operation, although they differ in some features and areas as discussed below;


Exo drone has a more flexible modular design than a DJI drone. Therefore it is more durable and flexible in operation and accessibility to difficult locations.


Exo drones are significantly cheaper than DJI. DJI drone prices start from $ 700 and above. Therefore, Exo is an option if you are on a tight budget.


In terms of performance, both Exo and DJI drones offer quality pictures and videos with a wide range of features, although the DJI drone has a higher flight time than an EXO drone.

However, Exo Drones are much cheaper when you have a tight budget to buy a professional drone.

Customer Services

Exo customer services are top-notch. Professional drone flyers have highly praised them due to their quick responses to claims. On the other hand, DJI customer services have been criticized and complained about their customer service.

App Friendly

The FLY Exo App of Exo drones is user-friendly and well-customized with impressive features than a DJI FLY and DJI Pilot for DJI drones which often crush when using the apps.


Exo Drone offers impressive features, such as autonomous flight modes such as orbit, follow me, circle me, and waypoint missions which give more edge ahead of a DJI drone.

Other features and specifications are discussed in the table below;

Exo Drones versus DJI Drones: Features and Specifications

EXO Drones

DJI Drones

Video Resolution

4k HD @ 30fps

4k HD @ 60fps

Video Bitrate

25mb/s Maximum

40mb/s Maximum

Camera Sensor

1/3.2″ CMOS

1/2-inch CMOS

Image Resolution

4K 4096 x 3072px

4K 5280 x 3956

Flight Time

25 Minutes Per Battery

27 min Minutes Per Battery

Maximum Range

1/2 Mile

8 Miles

Maximum Speed


65 kph

Height Limit

400FT (Maximum Legal Limit)

393FT (Maximum Legal Limit)

Weight (Without Battery)



Battery Capacity

3200 mAh

3830 mAh

Final thought – Are Exo drones good?

There you have it – A complete breakdown of the question are exo drones any good?

Also, why do we think they are DJI competitors in the drone industry?

Therefore from professional drone pilots and enthusiasts, we have asked about their experience with Exo drones. We can say that Exo drones are worth trying if you want to scale your content creation or capture moments during travels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which EXO drone is best?

The EXO X7 Ranger PLUS is the best Exo drone with an impressive 4k camera, obstacle avoidance, and brushless motors.

Which Exo drone is the best value for money?

The Exo BlackHawk drone is the best value-for-money drone.

Where are exo drones made?

Exo drones are manufactured in Hong Kong by company partners, but the company operates in Salt Lake City, United States.

Who makes EXO Drones?


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